Rich Iced Tea Blend

under 120mins

Ingredients for servings

  • 2 bags black tea half of which can be flavored

  • 2 bags oolong tea or tea blends with oolong

  • 800 ml water

  • 2 tbsps sugar optional

  • 2 tbsps maple syrup optional

  • 2 tbsps half-and-half or soy or oat milk optional

  • 0.5 single citrus fruit optional

  • 0.5 cup ice optional


  • Place tea bags in a 1-L coffeepot or French press. Make sure to keep the strings tense to prevent the paper weights from falling in.

  • Boil the water. Pour into the coffeepot or French press. Place lid on top, with a tight grip on the paper weights.

  • Let the tea steep for 5 minutes.

  • If you are using a French press, slowly push the plunger onto the bags, again with a tight grip on the paper weights.

  • Take off the lid, scoop the teabags out and gently squeeze the brew from the bags before disposing of them.

  • Add sugar and stir thoroughly.

  • Let tea cool to room temperature. If you want the tea sooner, place open pot in freezer for 70 minutes.

  • Serve with ice. For a good milk tea simulacrum, add maple syrup and dairy/dairy substitute. Otherwise, add citrus juice if you like.

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